Frequently Asked Questions


• How close is the beach?
• Can you keep your boat overnight on the lake?
• Does FireFly Lodge have a barbeque?
• Does FireFly Lodge have a fire pit?
• How do we check in to FireFly Lodge?
• Where are the closest grocery stores?

How close is the beach?          (back)

Lake Shelbyville is about 50 yards down a tree-lined path.

Can you keep your boat overnight on the lake?          (back)

No, you can anchor your boat at the base of the property during the day but you have to take it back to the marina or out of the water at night. The closest boat launch is Coal Shaft Bridge (a low water boat launch), about 100 yards away. The closest marinas are Findlay Marina (217-756-8595) and Sullivan Marina (217-728-7338).

Does FireFly Lodge have a barbeque?          (back)

Yes, we have a Weber propane barbeque on the deck. We keep one propane tank on the barbeque and a spare propane tank on the deck.

Does FireFly Lodge have a fire pit?          (back)

Yes, we do have a fire pit. One of our neighbors has provided a supply of firewood if you would like to purchase it directly from us. Firewood is also available at Howie’s. The Army Corp of Engineers would prefer you obtain firewood from the local area so as not to introduce different pests into the Lake Shelbyville wooded areas.

How do we check in to FireFly Lodge?          (back)

FireFly Lodge is a family run operation. One of our family members, usually Kenneth Ormiston, will walk you thru the log house and inform you of all the operational details. He will provide his telephone number if any issues should arise. We do not have a caretaker on the property.

Where are the closest grocery stores?          (back)

The closest store is the convenient store at Howie’s Gas Station for the necessities. The closest full service grocery store is Jerry’s IGA is at 425 S. Hamilton Sullivan, IL. The closest Super Walmart is exit 190B off Interstate 57 in Mattoon. There are local Farmers Markets during the summer and a number of orchards in the area too.













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